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My best coffee table yet

This item is one that I made when I had a couple slow weeks last year. It is the culmination of my personal style with some old style mechanical jointery. Black Walnit with Maple inserts. But it's not the only time I've made something with this styke. All of them are unique and have their own voice, and this is one of my favorite kinds of projects to do. If you want one of your own, send me a message and we can work out how to fir your needs and taste in the best way possible.
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Built-in Cabinets

I installed this job and wanted to show it off. The mantel and the doors really pop with thise Ambrosia Maple grains. 

One very long charging table.

 My customer wanted something very specific, which is always great for me! It was to fit behind a specific piece of furniture, within a certain wall space, tight against the wall as well as the baseboard. Also it had to, you know, look good. We went with this 1.5" red oak, stained to fit the general aesthetic of the home.  That's one solid piece 8" wide, and only 9' long. One of the best parts was inserting the charging station into the middle, it sits snug and flush. 

The Wagler Workshop board gaming table

 Presenting my new design for a board gaming table. whether you like gaming as a family, or if you like to always have a puzzle on the go, this one is for you. You can customise the dimensions of your table, as well as select colours for your felt gaming space and the wood stain. This table is made from Ambrosia Maple, showing off dazzling grains and spalting. 

And... I'm back!

 Welcome to my new blog! I'm not much of a writer, but here I am anyway. Who ever heard of a woodworking blog anyway? But I feel like I almost disappeared for a while there. I hope to give a bit of an explanation for that, but mostly I wanna say, "I'm here!" I'm ready to take on your projects and get things done. COVID has been a long haul for many of us, and I'm certainly not excluded. We've had kids home from school, and all of us home sick, not to mention a career change to woodworking. Maybe not the best timing now that I think about it. Looking back in this time I can't help but notice that I've had the great privilege of being in surgery four times since COVID started. Early on I had both of my wrists done to fix Carpel Tunnel. I would love to say that it's fun having someone cut into your hand and promise that they're doing it carefully. Turns out, tt certainly wasn't my favourite experience. But I certainly don't miss the co

Chopping blocks. So many chopping blocks.

 There is just something special about an end grain chopping blocks. These monsters are easier on your knife, and last longer... if you take care of it. But most importantly every single one is different from the next, having their own bit of flare. Even I sometimes don't know what they're going to turn out like when they're done, but I'm focused on making the best quality anyway. If you love food, love your kitchen, or love someone who does, then one of these are for you. I usually focus on selling these things at craft shows and the like, but I almost always have a dozen or so available.

The interesting case of a rolling bookcase.

 This was a very interesting piece to work on. My customers love books! what can I say? They also love to be able to entertain and rearrange their space. When they first came to me with this unique design I had to take some time to wrap my head around it, but I love the idea. Shelves on one side along with selves and drawers on the other side. The worst part of this one was getting it into a condo. The best part was how happy my customers were when it was done. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get pictures of it completely finished, because the customers were tiling the top themselves. But I'm here to show off my work anyway. The trim is all custom made, and the whole unit rolls much more easily than you might imagine.